Best practices in retail facility management and maintenance.

//Best practices in retail facility management and maintenance.

This publication is a resource of retail facility best practices and an education guide to inform the reader about best practices in retail facility management and maintenance.

AUTHOR Norm Dutcher, President
COMPANY Integra Services Group, Inc.

What steps can be taken to increase the overall effectiveness and efficiency of rollouts, and help limit the
administrative time associated with responding to multiple (and typically redundant) questions from the field?

Surprisingly, it is fairly common for retailers to provide their installation suppliers only a basic purchase order/
work order, accompanied by a written scope of work, for broad national rollouts. Rollout projects can be complex
endeavors, especially the ones that take place nationwide and require several months to complete. It takes a lot of
pre-planning and flexible execution to cost-effectively rollout these projects with minimal disruptions to the client.
The use of a well-thought-out project installation guide that has been prepared ahead of time, has proven time and
again to be an effective way to help mitigate many of the communication gaps and other complexities that routinely
accompany these types of projects.

When involved with a national rollout, some suppliers create an installation guide that is tailored specifically to the
project. These guides are normally structured around providing direction on how to best perform the same basic
tasks over and over again, but at multiple locations.

The best installation guides are very project specific. They include a well-defined description of the scope of work
and provide detailed step-by-step instructions for the various pieces of equipment that require assembly.

Before and after photos and photos that sequence the different installation steps are extremely useful – a picture
is worth a thousand words. It is best to make sure that each photo has a caption or two with sufficient instruction
details. It is also very useful to include the project drawings and spec sheets.

If possible, the guide should include well-thought-out solutions to some of the routine installation challenges that
commonly occur in the field. In addition, the manual can also address field challenges that are less predictable
by providing some common sense install ideas designed around the rollouts specific equipment. Thinking the
installation process through in advance and including helpful field fixes in the manual can play a significant role in
limiting redundant phone calls/questions and help avoid possible work stoppages.

To help the field installation team(s) be as effective as possible, conduct periodic conference calls with the
appropriate retailer stakeholders and other trade personnel to collect lessons learned and update the installation
guide accordingly as you identify needed changes and/or realize efficiencies.

Include in the guide a checklist for each step of the project, and require a signoff by the installer (and store
management if possible).

For some installs, it is possible for the retailer to provide the installation guide directly. However, experience has
shown that the manual is most effective when you work together to develop it from both the retailers’ and
installers’ perspectives.

As a final point, the main trick to creating a first-rate Project Installation Guide is to present just the right amount
of information. You do not want to overwhelm the installer with too many details.

Suppliers that have implemented this best practice commonly report that they experience far fewer installation-related work stoppages, and fewer operational/facilities management interruptions than in similar installs where a
guide was not available.

Because the specific dynamics of every rollout tend to vary widely, it is difficult to quantify the absolute numerical
benefits associated with using this best practice. However, anecdotal feedback from installers routinely report
positive scheduling and cost-reduction improvements.

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