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A+ Service Channel Contractor

Integra Earns “A+” Service Channel Contractor Scorecard

Integra uses Service Channel technology day in and day out. We constantly monitor Service Channel data and reports to help stay on course and maintain proficiency. The company prides itself on earning an “A+” on average on the Service Channel Contractor Scorecard, The scores are so impressive, Integra uses the Contractor Scorecard and rating as a marketing tool.

Best practices in retail facility management and maintenance.

This publication is a resource of retail facility best practices and an education guide to inform the reader about best practices in retail facility management and maintenance.

AUTHOR Norm Dutcher, President
COMPANY Integra Services Group, Inc.

What steps can be taken to increase the overall effectiveness and efficiency of rollouts, and help limit the
administrative time associated with responding to multiple (and typically redundant) questions from the field?